Curbside Pickup Routes

Trash, recycling and yard waste are all picked up curbside on the same day based on your street. Find your street below to determine your pick up day.

Angela CircleFriday
Aaron StreetTuesday
Adams StreetTuesday
Ainsworth PlaceTuesday
Albert StreetThursday
Albion StreetWednesday
Alden StreetTuesday
Allen PlaceMonday
Altamont AvenueThursday
Apple Hill RoadThursday
Appleton StreetFriday
Apthorp RoadWednesday
Ardsmoor RoadThursday
Argyle StreetFriday
Arlington RoadThursday
Arlington StreetFriday
Ash StreetMonday
Ashburton PlaceWednesday
Ashcroft RoadThursday
Ashland Street (Day St to Wakefield)Wednesday
Ashland Street (Melrose St to Day St)Wednesday
Ashmont ParkTuesday
Ashmont StreetTuesday
Auburn StreetWednesday
Avon StreetThursday
Baldwin AvenueTuesday
Bancroft RoadThursday
Bartlett StreetTuesday
Batchelder StreetThursday
Baxter StreetTuesday
Bay State RoadWednesday
Beacon PlaceMonday
Beacon StreetFriday
Beaumont StreetMonday
Beech Avenue (Elliot Street to Lebanon St)Friday
Beech Avenue (Excluding Elliot St to Argyle St)Friday
Bellevue Avenue (Lynn Fells Pkwy to Linden Rd)Thursday
Bellevue Avenue (Upham St to Lynn Fells Pkwy)Monday
Belmont PlaceWednesday
Belmont StreetWednesday
Berkeley StreetFriday
Berwick PlaceMonday
Berwick StreetMonday
Beverly StreetMonday
Birch Hill RoadFriday
Blackrock RoadTuesday
Boardman Avenue (Damon Ave to End)Thursday
Boardman Avenue (Main St to Damon Ave)Wednesday
Boston Rock RoadMonday
Botolph StreetWednesday
Bow StreetFriday
Bradford ParkMonday
Bratley StreetFriday
Brazil StreetTuesday
Briggs StreetWednesday
Brookledge RoadThursday
Brown StreetMonday
Brunswick ParkWednesday
Burnett StreetFriday
Burrell StreetThursday
Cargill StreetFriday
Carlida RoadThursday
Cass StreetMonday
Cedar ParkTuesday
Cedarwood LaneThursday
Central TerraceMonday
Charles StreetTuesday
Cherry StreetMonday
Chester StreetTuesday
Chestnut ParkMonday
Chestnut StreetMonday
Chipman AvenueWednesday
Church StreetFriday
Circuit StreetTuesday
Clarendon StreetFriday
Cleveland StreetTuesday
Cliff RoadFriday
Cliff StreetWednesday
Clifford StreetThursday
Clifton ParkWednesday
Clifton PlaceWednesday
Clinton RoadTuesday
Clover CircleTuesday
Cochrane StreetThursday
Colby TerraceTuesday
Conant RoadTuesday
Conrad RoadThursday
Converse LaneTuesday
Coolidge StreetThursday
Corey StreetMonday
Corner StreetWednesday
Cottage ParkTuesday
Cottage Street (W. Wyoming Ave to Russell St)Tuesday
Cottage Street (W. Wyoming Ave to W. Foster St)Tuesday
Country Club RoadThursday
Cranmore LaneThursday
Crescent AvenueTuesday
Crescent PlaceMonday
Crest AvenueTuesday
Crickelwood LaneFriday
Cross StreetFriday
Crystal StreetWednesday
Cumner AvenueFriday
Cushing CircleThursday
Cutter StreetTuesday
Cypress ParkTuesday
Damon Avenue (Bay State Rd to Glendale Ave)Thursday
Damon Avenue (Glendale Ave to Cochrane Ave)Thursday
Dana StreetFriday
Dartmouth RoadThursday
Day StreetWednesday
Dell AvenueMonday
Derby RoadMonday
Dexter RoadFriday
Dills CourtMonday
Dyer AvenueWednesday
E. Emerson Street (Bellevue Ave to Stratford Rd)Thursday
E. Emerson Street (Lebanon St to Stratford Rd)Monday
E. Emerson Street (Main St to Lebanon St)Monday
E. Emerson Street (Stratford Rd to Lincoln St)Thursday
E. Foster Street (Berwick St to Lebanon St)Monday
E. Foster Street (Larrabee St to End)Thursday
E. Foster Street (Lebanon St to Larrabee St)Monday
E. Highland AvenueWednesday
E. Wyoming AvenueMonday
East StreetThursday
Echo StreetFriday
Edgemere StreetMonday
Edmonds StreetFriday
Elliot StreetFriday
Ellis Farm LaneThursday
Ells AvenueWednesday
Ellsworth AvenueWednesday
Ellwood RoadWednesday
Elm StreetThursday
Elmcrest CircleThursday
Emerson PlaceMonday
Enmore RoadThursday
Essex StreetMonday
Everett StreetTuesday
Fairfield AvenueFriday
Fairmount StreetFriday
Fairview AvenueWednesday
Farwell AvenueWednesday
Faulkner PlaceMonday
Faxon StreetFriday
Felicia RoadTuesday
Fells Way East ExtensionTuesday
Fellsview TerraceMonday
Felton PlaceMonday
Ferdinand StreetWednesday
Fields CourtMonday
First Street (Larrabee St to Waverley Ave)Thursday
First Street (Lebanon Street to Larrabee St)Monday
Florence AvenueFriday
Florence Street (Russell St to W. Wyoming Ave)Tuesday
Florence Street (W. Wyoming Ave to W. Foster St)Tuesday
Forest Street (Lebanon St North)Friday
Forest Street (Lebanon St to Malden)Friday
Frances StreetTuesday
Franklin Street (Greenwood St to Stoneham Line)Wednesday
Franklin Street (Main St to RR Tracks)Wednesday
Franklin TerraceWednesday
Frost AvenueWednesday
Garden StreetWednesday
Garfield RoadThursday
Garland StreetTuesday
Geneva RoadThursday
Gibbons StreetMonday
Glen AvenueMonday
Glen RoadWednesday
Glen StreetTuesday
Glendale Avenue (Damon Ave to Conrad Rd)Thursday
Glendale Avenue (Hesseltine Ave to Damon Ave)Wednesday
Glendower RoadFriday
Gooch StreetMonday
Goodyear AvenueTuesday
Goss AvenueFriday
Gould StreetTuesday
Grandview AvenueFriday
Granite StreetFriday
Green Street (Lynn Fells Pkwy to Main @ Franklin)Wednesday
Green Street (Main St to Lynn Fells)Wednesday
Greenleaf PlaceWednesday
Greenwood StreetWednesday
Greyston RoadMonday
Grove PlaceMonday
Grove Street (Larrabee St to dead end)Friday
Grove Street (Lebanon St to Berwick St)Monday
Grove Street (Lebanon St to Larrabee St)Monday
Groveland RoadTuesday
Hancock StreetFriday
Harding CourtThursday
Harding RoadThursday
Harold StreetFriday
Harrison StreetWednesday
Harvard StreetFriday
Haskell StreetThursday
Haverhill PlaceWednesday
Hawes AvenueWednesday
Hawley RoadWednesday
Hawthorne StreetFriday
Hemmingway AvenueFriday
Henry AvenueWednesday
Herbert StreetMonday
Hesseltine Avenue (Glendale Ave to Pearl St)Wednesday
Hesseltine Avenue (Howard St to Glendale Ave)Wednesday
Heywood AvenueWednesday
Highview AvenueThursday
Hillcrest AvenueThursday
Hillside AvenueMonday
Hillside StreetFriday
Hillside TerraceFriday
Holbrook CourtWednesday
Holland RoadTuesday
Hopkins StreetFriday
Howard StreetThursday
Howie StreetWednesday
Hunnewell StreetFriday
Hunt’s TerraceFriday
Hurd StreetTuesday
Indian Hill LaneThursday
Ingalls CourtMonday
Ireson CourtFriday
Irving StreetFriday
Keniston RoadThursday
Kenmore RoadThursday
Kimball CourtMonday
Kingsley AvenueFriday
Lake AvenueMonday
Lakecroft CourtMonday
Larchmont RoadThursday
Larrabee PlaceMonday
Larrabee StreetMonday
Laurel Street (Larrabee St to Waverly Ave)Friday
Laurel Street (Lebanon St to Larrabee St)Monday
Laurel Street ExtensionFriday
Leah StreetFriday
Lebanon Street (Main St to Grove St)Monday
Lebanon Street (N. Mountain St to Grove St)Friday
Lebanon Street (N. Mountain St to Malden)Friday
Ledge StreetWednesday
Ledgewood AvenueFriday
Leeds StreetTuesday
Leonard CourtMonday
Lincoln Street (Porter St to Lynn Fells Pkwy)Thursday
Lincoln Street (Porter St to Upham Street)Thursday
Linden Road (Howard St to Lynn Fells Pkwy)Thursday
Linden Road (Lynn Fells Pkwy to Porter St)Thursday
Linden Road (Main St to Green St)Wednesday
Linwood Avenue (Lynde St to Grove Street)Monday
Linwood Avenue (Sylvan Street to Lynde St)Monday
Lodge AvenueMonday
Longfellow RoadTuesday
Lovell RoadWednesday
Lynde AvenueTuesday
Lynde StreetMonday
Lynn Fells Parkway (Green St to Saugus)Thursday
Lynn Fells Parkway (Melrose St to Green St)Wednesday
Lynn Fells Parkway (Stoneham to Tremont St)Wednesday
Lynn Fells Parkway (Tremont St to Melrose St)Monday
Magnolia RoadThursday
Main Street (Crystal Street to Wakefield)Wednesday
Main Street (Crystal Street to Wyoming))Monday
Main Street (South of Wyoming)Friday
Malvern Street (Lebanon St to Meridian St)Friday
Malvern Street (Linwood Ave to Lebanon St)Monday
Maple Grove StreetFriday
Maple RoadWednesday
Maple StreetTuesday
Maple TerraceFriday
Marmion RoadThursday
Martin StreetTuesday
Marvin RoadWednesday
Meacham StreetFriday
Meadowview RoadThursday
Melbourne AvenueTuesday
Melrose Street (Lynn Fells Pkwy to end)Wednesday
Melrose Street (Main St to Lynn Fells Pkwy)Monday
Mendum StreetWednesday
Meridan Street (Beech Ave to Park St)Friday
Meridian Street (Beech to Grove)Friday
Messengers CourtWednesday
Montvale StreetMonday
Mooreland RoadThursday
Morgan StreetWednesday
Mount Hood TerraceFriday
Mt Vernon AvenueMonday
Mt Vernon StreetMonday
Mt. Zion RoadWednesday
Myrtle StreetMonday
Mystic AvenueMonday
N. Cedar ParkTuesday
N. Forest StreetFriday
N. High StreetTuesday
N. Mountain Avenue (Church Street South)Friday
N. Mountain Avenue (Hancock St to Church St)Friday
Naples RoadFriday
Nason DriveWednesday
Natalie AvenueWednesday
Nelson RoadThursday
Nordic WayFriday
Norman RoadThursday
Norris CourtMonday
North AvenueWednesday
Nowell RoadWednesday
Oak StreetFriday
Oakland StreetTuesday
Old Brook CircleThursday
Orchard LaneThursday
Orient AvenueThursday
Orient ParkThursday
Orient PlaceThursday
Orris PlaceWednesday
Orris StreetWednesday
Otis ParkTuesday
Otis StreetTuesday
Owego ParkTuesday
Oxford StreetFriday
Park Street (Linwood to Lebanon)Monday
Park Street ExtensionFriday
Parker StreetMonday
Patriot WayFriday
Pearl Street (Damon Ave to End)Thursday
Pearl Street (Main St to Damon Ave)Wednesday
Pebble RoadTuesday
Penny Hill RoadFriday
Penny RoadFriday
Perham AvenueMonday
Perkins StreetWednesday
Philip CircleFriday
Philpot TerraceMonday
Pilgrim RoadTuesday
Pine StreetTuesday
Pleasant StreetTuesday
Plymouth CircleThursday
Poplar StreetTuesday
Porter Street (Bellevue to Ellis Farm Ln)Thursday
Porter Street (Lebanon St to Bellevue)Monday
Potomac StreetMonday
Potter StreetMonday
Pratt StreetWednesday
Prescott StreetFriday
Prospect StreetTuesday
Radcliffe RoadMonday
Ravine RoadTuesday
Ravine TerraceTuesday
Reading Hill AvenueWednesday
Rendall CourtMonday
Renwick RoadWednesday
Richardson RoadWednesday
Ridgewood LaneThursday
Rivers LaneThursday
Rockland CourtWednesday
Rockland StreetWednesday
Rockview AvenueMonday
Rockwood StreetMonday
Rowe StreetMonday
Ruggles StreetThursday
Russell StreetTuesday
Russet LaneThursday
Ryder AvenueMonday
S. Cedar ParkTuesday
S. High StreetTuesday
S. Mountain AvenueFriday
Sanford StreetTuesday
Sargent StreetWednesday
Sawyer RoadThursday
School StreetThursday
Sears AvenueWednesday
Sewall Street (Upham St to First St)Monday
Sewall Woods RoadWednesday
Shadow RoadTuesday
Sharon RoadThursday
Sheffield RoadThursday
Sherman RoadWednesday
Sherwood RoadThursday
Short StreetWednesday
Sibley StreetTuesday
Simonds RoadThursday
Sixth Street (Laurel St to First St)Thursday
Sixth Street (Laurel St to Grove St)Friday
Slayton RoadFriday
South AvenueWednesday
Spear StreetFriday
Standish RoadTuesday
Stanley StreetThursday
Staples StreetFriday
Starbird StreetWednesday
Stevens PlaceMonday
Stevens RoadWednesday
Stillman RoadFriday
Stone PlaceTuesday
Stowecroft RoadThursday
Stratford RoadThursday
Summer Street (E. Wyoming Ave to Lynde St)Monday
Summer Street (Lynde St to Linwood St)Monday
Summit AvenueWednesday
Sunset RoadThursday
Swains Pond AvenueFriday
Sycamore RoadFriday
Sylvan StreetMonday
Tappan StreetTuesday
Taylor StreetWednesday
Temple StreetFriday
Thirteenth StreetThursday
Thurston RoadWednesday
Tremont Street (Lynn Fells Pkwy to Franklin St)Wednesday
Tremont Street (Lynn Fells Pkwy to W. Emerson St)Monday
Trenton Street (Wyoming Ave to Foster St)Tuesday
Trenton Street (Wyoming Ave to Washington St)Tuesday
Union StreetWednesday
Upham Street (Lebanon St to Stratford Rd)Monday
Upham Street (Main St to Lebanon St)Monday
Upham Street (Stratford Rd to Saugus )Thursday
Upham TerraceMonday
Upland RoadWednesday
Vine StreetMonday
Vinton Street ( W Emerson to the Lynn Fells)Tuesday
Vinton Street (E.Foster to W. Foster)Tuesday
Vinton Street (Lynn Fells to Franklin)Wednesday
Virginia AvenueThursday
Vista StreetFriday
Volpe WayWednesday
W. Emerson Street (Main St to Tremont St)Monday
W. Emerson Street (Tremont St to Lynn Fells Pkwy)Tuesday
W. Foster Street (Main St to Berwick St)Monday
W. Foster Street (RR Tracks to Maple St)Tuesday
W. Highland AvenueWednesday
W. Wyoming Avenue (Main St to RR Tracks)Monday
W. Wyoming Avenue (RR Tracks to Stoneham)Tuesday
Walnut StreetMonday
Walton ParkWednesday
Warren StreetWednesday
Warwick RoadWednesday
Washington StreetTuesday
Water StreetFriday
Waverly AvenueFriday
Waverly PlaceMonday
Wentworth RoadTuesday
West Hill AveWednesday
West Hill TerraceWednesday
West StreetWednesday
Wheeler AvenueFriday
Whitman AvenueFriday
Whittier StreetTuesday
Whitwell StreetMonday
Wildwood RoadThursday
Willard StreetFriday
Willow StreetMonday
Windsor StreetThursday
Winter StreetMonday
Winthrop StreetMonday
Woodcrest Drive (North, East, and West)Thursday
Woodland AvenueWednesday
Woodruff AvenueFriday
Worth StreetFriday
Wyoming HeightsMonday
York TerraceWednesday
Youle Street (Lynn Fells to Vinton)Tuesday
Youle Street (Warwick Rd to Lynn Fells Pkwy)Wednesday