Planning Board

The mission of the Melrose Planning Board is to elevate the quality of life in our City through thoughtful oversight of new development, balanced review of applications, careful administration of the Subdivision Control Law and adoption of the Master Plan for the City.  The types of applications that the Board reviews are subdivisions, site plan approvals, and special permits for affordable housing, slope protection, and residential uses in non-residentially zoned areas. They also make recommendations on cases when the Zoning Board of Appeals is the Special Permit Granting Authority. The Board participates in the formulation and review of zoning changes and long-range planning projects.  In all activities the Board strives to encourage responsible, intelligent development to reflect our varied and unique residential architecture and strengthen our vibrant commercial character while remaining true to our New England heritage.  To sustain and improve the City, the Board encourages all those who come before it to apply prudent design concepts and make sensitive aesthetic choices, all to the benefit of our common good.

The Planning Board is established under the provisions of Section 81A of Chapter 41 of the Massachusetts General Laws and is responsible for the duties attributed to it by Chapters 41 & 40A and the Melrose Zoning Ordinance. The Board is comprised of nine Melrose residents that are appointed and serve as volunteers. The membership includes experts in architecture, planning, engineering, energy and law.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Denise M. Gaffey Director and City Planner (781) 979-4190

Board Members

Name Title
Anne DeSouza-Ward Member
Greg Sampson Chair
Paul C. King Member
Brian Gregory Member
Carla Morelli Member
Jack Welch Member
Beth Delahaij Member
Tim Bailey Member
Michael Aveni Member