Traffic Commission


  • Elena Proakis Ellis, City Engineer, (Chair)
  • Mike Lyle, Chief of Melrose Police Department
  • Bob Boisselle, Alderman
  • Dan Krechmer, Resident Member
  • Elizabeth Peart, Resident Member
  • Tom Rossi, Resident Member
  • John Vetere, Resident Member
  • Jeff Parenti, Resident Member

Advisory Role:

  • Jonathan Goc, Sergeant Melrose Police Department

Commission Clerk:

  • Amy Heidebrecht, Public Works

The Melrose Traffic Commission meets quarterly to consider and vote upon regulatory traffic and parking issues such as proposed new parking restrictions, speed limit changes, modifications to roadway regulations (one way, stop signs, etc.), and associated regulatory signage.

Additional Information: 

For parking tickets or permits please contact the Parking Office at 781-979-4144 or click here for more information:

For advisory signage (yellow signs) please contact the Engineering Division at 781-979-4172 or click  for more information.