Conservation Commission

The Melrose Conservation Commission is a 7-member volunteer board created under the authority of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40 Section 8c “for the promotion and development of the natural resources and for the protection of watershed resources.” It is principally involved in administering the MA Wetlands Protection Act M.G.L. Ch. 131 sec. 40 originally passed in 1972, the 1996 Rivers Protection Act and the City of Melrose Wetland ordinance Chapter 231  (Ord. No. 07-008, 5-7-2007). Under these laws, no one may “remove, fill, dredge, or alter” any wetland, floodplain, bank, land under a water body, or land within 100 feet of a protected resource (the “Buffer Zone”) without obtaining a permit from the Conservation Commission.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Eric Devlin Conservation Agent (781) 979-4312

Board Members

Name Title
Susan Murphy Chairman
Richard Doucette Vice Chair
Zachary Drench Member
Kate Hickey Member
Michael Paiewonsky Member
Ryan Sloan Member
Aaron Weieneth Member