Health and Human Services

Mission Statement 

The Melrose Health and Human Services Department promotes the personal and environmental health of the community through education and policy development supported by enforceable regulations, and collaboration with other people and organizations.


Our goal in the public health sector is to protect and promote health. The Melrose Health and Human Department offers a wide variety of services and functions for the City of Melrose to accomplish just that. The services range from a variety of topics, including, but not limited to, vaccinations, health permits and applications, informational sheets, healthy eating and living activities, pest control, dropbbox information, and more. 

Board of Health's Role

The Melrose Board of Health is the policy-making, rule-making, and adjudicatory body for public health in the county or counties in its jurisdiction. State legislature give boards of health specific powers and duties. The Melrose Board of Health may make local public health rules that apply throughout the board’s jurisdiction. The board also influences the day-to-day administration of the Health and Human Services Department.

Please help make Melrose a healthier, safer place!

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Denise Slane Administrative Assistant (781) 979-4130
Kara Showers Prevention and Wellness Coordinator (781) 979-4123
Animal Control Officer Animal Control Officer (781) 979-4102
Health Inspections Health Inspector (781) 979-4131
Anthony Chui Director of Health and Human Services (781) 979-4133
Collin Macgowan Social Services Coordinator (781) 979-4128
Maureen Buzby Tobacco Inspection Coordinator (781) 979-4158
Emily Hatchouel Public Health Specialist (781) 979-4132
Melissa Lowry, RN Public Health Nurse (781) 979-4129
Erin Carleo Senior Environmental Health Specialist (781) 979-4119
Hayes Hart-Thompson PHE Grant Coordinator (781) 979-4130
Regional Health Inspector PHE Grant Regional Health Inspector (781) 979-4130

Board Members

Name Title
Frank Brinchiero, M.D. Chairperson
Carol Ann Licitra, L.M.H.C. Member
Lillian Kelly, R.N. Member