Posting Notices in City Hall Kiosk

Booking the Kiosk:

All requests for reservations in a kiosk window must be submitted in writing to the Health and Human Services Department.  You can email your request to

Requests must include the following information and follow the guidelines below:  Name of contact person, email, telephone number, date of the event, and the dates they are requesting the window for.

  • You may reserve the Kiosk two (2) months in advance of your event. (Example: If you want to reserve space for the month of March, you may do so no sooner than January 1.)
  • Available space in the Kiosk will be assigned for one (1) week only except for July and August. This should give every organization an opportunity to have some exposure in the Kiosk.
  • We will try to accommodate every request for the Kiosk.
  • The kiosk space is available from Monday to Monday.
  • After your written request for Kiosk space has been received you will be emailed an agreement with the rental information that you will sign and return to the Health and Human Services Department to confirm your reservation of the Kiosk.

Only Melrose organizations are permitted to display in the Kiosk. Organizations must be non-profit and hold their event within the City of Melrose.

Organizations utilizing the Kiosk must agree to the following:

  • Signage must measure 74″ long by 36″ wide.  All billboards or signage must utilize the entire space of the Kiosk.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the signage including installation and removal. The City of Melrose is not responsible for your signage, if signs are not picked up by 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday your sign will be recycled.
  • Anyone using the Kiosk must help keep it clean.
  • If there is a sign in the door you will be using, please remove it from the Kiosk, and bring it to the Health and Human Services Department.
  • Take care not to damage the kiosk.
  • Be sure to lock the door and return the key when you have posted or removed your signage.

Please call the Health and Human Services Department at 781-979-4130 or visit them in the lower level of Melrose City Hall for any questions you may have about Kiosk reservations.