Historical Commission

Historical Commission 

The historical commission preserves, protects, and develops the historical and archaeological assets of the City. The commission may conduct research for places of historic and archaeological value. The commission may, subject to appropriation and approval by the mayor, advertise, prepare, print and distribute books, maps, charts, plans and pamphlets which it deems necessary for its work. The commission, for the purpose of protecting and preserving such places, may make such recommendations as it deems necessary to the mayor and, subject to the approval of the board of aldermen, to the Massachusetts Historical Commission, that any such place be certified as an historical or archaeological landmark. The commission surveys and compiles a listing of all historical sites and buildings within the City, public and private; determines the functions and structures of all historical organizations within the City; and holds correlative seminars with historical organizations. It further determines the requirements for repair, reconstruction, and protection of historical landmarks and assists and cooperates with public commissions in the conduct of public historical events. The commission has all of the other powers, duties and responsibilities that are given to historical commissions by the general laws.

The Historical Commission was established by the Board of Aldermen under the provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40. The commission is comprised of seven members who are Melrose residents that are appointed and serve as volunteers. The membership includes experts in architecture, historic preservation and city planning.


Board Members 

Ward Hamilton, Chairman 

George Proakis, Member

Edward Bradford, Member

Christopher Chiurri, Member

Paul Cunningham, Member

Joseph Hunt, Member

James Bennett, Member


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Denise M. Gaffey (781) 979-4190
Emma Schnur (781) 979-4193