Why I Love Melrose

Three interns at the Mayor’s Office asked everyone from friends and neighbors to people walking down Main Street why they love Melrose. There seems to be a consensus among those asked that the major draws to Melrose are the people and the downtown area. One resident recounted a childhood tale in which she ran downtown to buy some bread and returned an hour later after stopping to talk to all the friends she met along the way. Another resident agrees, “I can’t leave my house without meeting someone I know.” Check out some of the other responses:

I’ve lived here all my life, and I love the small town atmosphere. I know everyone here and I love how Melrose is close to everything like Route 1. I feel safe here; Melrose is such a safe community.

– Maureen D., Post Office Worker

Melrose is a peaceful city and is very low primary. I’ve lived here for 35 years, and it’s a great place to raise a grandchild.

– Anthony S. and his grandson Jason

There are lots of reasons to love Melrose. The library’s fantastic and I love the downtown area. Parking is great there, and you can shop for everything from supermarkets to dry cleaners and farmer’s markets. It’s all in one place and Melrose’s great downtown area draws me here.

– Joan L., librarian at Melrose Public Library

Everyone is nice here and everything is easy to get to. I also like how Melrose has a variety of shops.

– Anne P., Sweet Tooth Baking Company

Melrose is my home and I grew up here. I think Melrose is great because it’s a safe place to live.

– Jason, Sweet Tooth Baking Company

I love how Melrose is such a walkable city.

– Barbara B.

I’ve lived here for over 80 years. It’s a unique little city, and it’s an easy place to get to know everybody. There’s so many clubs here to get to know everyone as well. Melrose’s downtown area is great too and I feel safe here. This safeness makes Melrose a great place to raise children.

– Grace H.

The people make Melrose.

– Sheila H.

Melrose is a great city. It is becoming more diverse by the day. My neighbors and people I’ve met through various organizations like Melrose Alliance Against Violence and my church are extremely friendly. There is a wonderful downtown and a lot of green space like Ell Pond and Wright’s Pond. I also love the old Victorian architecture.

– Elizabeth K.