Healthcare Services & Elder Care

Melrose-Wakefield Hospital was the location of the world’s first laser surgery and one of the first hospitals to offer same day surgery. Melrose-Wakefield Hospital has served the community for over a century. It is among the top 10% hospitals in the nation for stroke care and the top 15% in the nation for heart attack treatment. It is a modern, standardized, and fully equipped establishment, but small enough so that patients are treated as a “person, not a number.”

In addition to the hospital, there are numerous other healthcare facilities located in Melrose, from pediatricians and specialists to dentists and dermatologists. Our local emergency response services, Melrose Police Department, Melrose Fire Department, and Action Ambulance Service, are always here to assure a safe, quick response time to all community emergencies.

Melrose is also a city committed to taking care of its elders. There is a variety of affordable housing options for the elderly in Melrose that offer supportive services and a secure environment. Furthermore, Mystic Valley Elder Services provides an array of services to meet your needs as you continue to live at home. Also, the Milano Senior Center, one of the jewels of our community, offers social, recreational, health and educational programs for Melrose’s senior citizens. The Center just underwent an extensive renovation including a completely redesigned Carriage House. All services offered by the Center are provided by the Melrose Council of Aging

All communities have been affected by the recent spike of drug and alcohol abuse, including Melrose. Few communities, however, have taken the strong proactive stance on substance abuse that Melrose has. Melrose has numerous initiatives to combat substance abuse including programs like the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, which meets regularly to discuss new and creative ways to combat substance abuse, Melrose ROCKS (Rid Our Community of Killer Substances), and the long-standing DARE program (Drug Awareness Resistance Education). For parents and guardians, we offer the Citizens Drug Recognition Academy. Learn more information on how Melrose is combating substance abuse.