Something that sets Melrose apart from other cities is the feeling of community which permeates the city. One thing that citizens enjoy is the safe and friendly neighborhoods near parks and playgrounds. Melrose is unique because our city is small enough for people to get to know one another, promoting a cooperative and congenial environment. There are activities and services geared towards improving everyone’s quality of life. For example, every December Home for the Holidays, a city-wide festival featuring activities and shopping for the winter holidays, is held.

The Melrose community honors a strong commitment to the environment. We implemented a successful school recycling program last year, which generated over 115 tons of paper, and hired a recycling coordinator. The mayor also created the Melrose Energy Commission, a volunteer group to explore energy efficiency, conservation, and clean energy. Melrose is dedicated to responsible consumption and environmental protection. Our citizens volunteer their experience, skills, and talents in numerous boards and commissions to give back to the city.

The spirit of community and dedication to both citizens and to surroundings makes Melrose a wonderful atmosphere of which to be a part.