Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be staying at the library during construction?  

No. This is a full-building project that includes the complete demolition of the addition, and the restoration of the original building. The School Committee has approved the library’s use of the first floor of the Beebe School for the duration of the construction/renovation. The Beebe School is located at 263 West Foster Street, right next door to the Beebe Estate. For those familiar with the building, the all-purpose room and the former kindergarten rooms are being used for public services, as they are handicap accessible. Our entrance is to the side of the building, also for accessibility reasons. 

What are the hours at the Beebe location? 

We are open our regular hours:
Sundays: 2pm - 5pm
Mondays - Thursdays: 10am - 9pm (8pm in the Children's Room)
Fridays & Saturdays: 10am - 5pm

When will construction begin?  

We currently expect the contractors to begin their work in early November 2022. 

I love sitting on the library lawn. Can I still do that during construction? 

This is a significant project, which involves the entire building as well as the grounds. For the safety of all, the entire library lot will be off-limits during the construction project. 

How long will you be in the temporary location? 

We expect to be in our temporary housing for about 18 months. 

Is there a book drop at the Beebe? 

Yes. We brought our outdoor book drop with us. It is located near the library entrance.

Do you have a lot of things in storage? 

Yes. The temporary space is much smaller than the current library. There will be a small amount of books and A/V available for browsing, more items will be in storage that is accessible to staff, so you can place holds on those items, and some of the collection will be unavailable during this time. We will be continuing to add new items throughout, and of course you will still have access to the collections in other NOBLE libraries. 

Can I sit and study or read at the temporary space? 

There are a few tables and chairs, and a few computers. We also have a few Chromebooks and laptops that can be borrowed and used in the library. 

Do you have meeting space that the public can use? 

No, unfortunately we do not have meeting space or program space.

So will there be library book clubs and programs?

We are continuing to have library book groups and programs with partner locations. Check out our calendar for dates and locations!

How can I stay informed and involved? 

This web page will be updated as we receive new information, and you can subscribe to notifications here. (Make sure you check off the "Library Building Project Updates" option)