Energy Commission

The Melrose Energy Commission’s (MEC) mission is to help the City of Melrose and its citizens save energy. By doing so, MEC helps to lower energy and utility bills, thus saving money for the City and its citizens. Equally important is the long-range impact of reduced emissions that result from decreased energy consumption. By helping Melrose and its citizens reduce energy consumption, MEC is contributing tangible and positive steps toward lessening the harmful effects of global warming and climate change. MEC achieves its mission by promoting energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy within municipal government as well as educating and engaging residents and businesses in similar activities throughout the community.

The Melrose Energy Commission (MEC) was created in 2005 by a group of citizen volunteers with the support of the City.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Martha Grover Energy Efficiency Manager (781) 979-4195

Board Members

Name Title
Tyler Ballew
Susan Gitelle Baron Secretary
David Bliss
June Cuttino
Beth Delahaij
Doug Dick
Jeff Doody
Doug Harriott
Ellen Katz
Peter Makrauer
Susan Murphy
Howie Newman
Devin Romanul
Andrew Schuyler
Lori Timmermann
Lisa Montouri Trimble