Cemetery Grounds Management

  • All work done within the Cemetery shall be performed by employees of the Department, or by permission of and under the supervision of the Superintendent and/or Cemetery Committee.
  • Maximum posted speed limit within cemetery is ten (10) miles per hour.
  • For safety reasons, on Memorial Day, vehicles must leave the Cemetery no later than 12:00 p.m. Vehicles will be allowed to re-enter the grounds after the Memorial Day Parade has left the Cemetery.
  • Recreational activities are not allowed on the cemetery grounds i.e., roller blading, skate boarding, baseball, football, hockey, bike riding, golfing or any other related recreational activities.
  • Motorized vehicle training of any type is prohibited. The operator will be held liable for any damage to cemetery grounds or property.
  • All persons are forbidden to injure or molest any bird or wild animal or to molest their nest or other habitation.
  • No firearms are permitted on cemetery grounds, except for military and memorial services and only with the approval of the superintendent.
  • Dogs, cats or other pets are not permitted on cemetery grounds.
  • No trees or shrubs shall be planted and/or removed except by the Cemetery Department.
  • Persons visiting within the cemetery are prohibited from picking flowers, wild or cultivated, breaking or injuring any tree, shrub or plant.
  • No loitering, picnicking, alcoholic beverages or boisterous behavior will be allowed within the cemetery grounds.
  • Police will be notified of any person not conducting themselves in a proper fashion with the cemetery boundaries.
  • Littering or dumping of trash within the Wyoming Cemetery is subject to fine.
  • No use of cemetery water sources are permitted for washing of vehicles.
  • No soliciting of business is allowed within the cemetery.