Wyoming Cemetery

The mission of the Wyoming Cemetery is to serve the citizens of Melrose by meeting their final needs with compassion and dignity. We will deliver services in a fair and impartial manner, will listen to requests and questions in a manner reflecting understanding and comfort and will provide clear, easily understood explanations of eligibility. We will record and provide accurate gravesite locator information and maintain the Cemetery grounds in a pleasing manner by a trained and knowledgeable staff.


All funerals must enter the Cemetery through the main gate on Sylvan Street and upon entering shall be under the charge of the Superintendent or his assistants.

Receiving Tomb

There are no Receiving Tomb facilities at the Wyoming Cemetery.

Special Events

On occasion, the Superintendent and staff perform historic walks through the Wyoming Cemetery. The dates for these walks can be obtained by calling the main office.

Perpetual Care Flower Fund

The term Perpetual Care Flower Fund shall mean the twice-yearly placement of seasonal tributes on designated graves. Pots or baskets of mixed plants will be placed on the grave by the Cemetery staff in time for Memorial Day. Additionally, a winter basket or log of mixed holiday greens will be placed on the grave by the Cemetery staff in mid December and removed in March. The cost for subscribing to the Perpetual Care Flower Fund is available in the Cemetery Office.

Trust Deeds

It is sometimes desirable for the Proprietor to restrict the use of a lot after his or her death. This may be accomplished by deeding the lot to the Cemetery Department in Trust and thereafter only such work or interments as specified in the Trust will be allowed. When the terms of said Trust are fulfilled, the lot is closed to further work forever.


Proprietors are urged to report immediately any error, unsatisfactory work or other apparent omission to the office. Please do not make complaints to the workmen. All complaints should be filed in writing by the proprietor of a lot or grave to the Cemetery office.

Work Orders

Any requests for work to be performed in the field must be requested in writing by the proprietor.


The Cemetery Department will take every reasonable precaution to protect the private property of lot and grave owners within the Cemetery from loss or damage. The Cemetery disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its control, especially from the acts of thieves, vandals, rioters, malicious mischief makers and from the acts of Providence including wind, hail, snow, ice and frost.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Angela Pisacreta Cemetery Administrator (781) 665-0405
Jack Rossi Foreman 781-665-0405
vacant position Operations Manager

Wyoming Cemetery Commission Members

Daniel A. O’Neill


Eileen Hamblin


Douglas E. MacDonald