Excise Tax

Chapter 60A of Massachusetts General Law imposes an excise tax for the privilege of registering a motor vehicle or a trailer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Excise taxes are billed annually and are due 30 days from the date of issue.  The City of Melrose does not assign the value to the vehicle, this is done by the Registry of Motor Vehicles .  The Registry transmits a data file to the City of Melrose to generate the bills and collect the taxes.  The excise taxes collected are deposited to the City’s general account.  For additional information, see https://www.mass.gov/guides/motor-vehicle-excise.

Please be aware that a person who does not receive a bill is still responsible for the excise tax plus any accrued interest charges. It is important to keep the Registry, the City of Melrose, and the post office informed of a current name and address so the excise bills can be delivered promptly.

All owners of motor vehicles must pay an excise tax, therefore, it is the responsibility of the owner to contact the Collector Department if you have not received a bill (781-979-4122 or collectors@cityofmelrose.org).

Please be sure to include the bill number or account number on the memo line of your check or e-check to ensure the payment is applied correctly.