Public EV Charging

Where can you charge your electric car? All over Melrose!

  • Melrose has lots of public charging options including four ChargePoint chargers in the City Hall Parking Lot and at the Cedar Park Commuter Parking Lot.
  • Melrose is also home to the  first pole-mounted EV chargers on the east coast which are located in convenient locations throughout the community. The new chargers are on the AmpUp network so users can download the AmpUp app on a smartphone to start charging.
  • How much does it cost to charge? The current charging rate at all public chargers is $0.20/kWh. As most parking in Melrose is limited to three hours, a $5 idle fee will apply at three hours to encourage EV drivers to move their car so others can use the charger.

2023 EV Charger Map

Two locations include the Pole-mounted EV Charger, on E. Foster Street, near the City's Common Playground and the Cedar Park Commuter Lot Charger.

Charging Stations in Melrose