Bicycle Parking Will Be Available at the Summer Stroll

Photo of portable bicycle rack

The Melrose Pedestrian and Biking Committee, a citizen advisory group, will offer bike parking at the Summer Stroll this year using newly purchased equipment owned by the City of Melrose. Located on E. Foster Street between Miter Biter and the YMCA courtyard (now under construction) cyclists will be able to park their bikes from opening at 6 pm until 8:45. In addition, everyone is invited to stop by and try their hand at setting up the portable racks. The equipment is available upon request from the Department of Public Works. (Exact procedures for using the racks are being worked out and will be shared at the Stroll.) 

Lauren Grymek, Executive Director of the Chamber Commerce, the sponsor of the Summer Stroll, says “We at the Chamber support Melrose as a bike and pedestrian friendly community. We are excited to add bike parking to this event.”

Mayor Gail Infurna observed,  “we have had valet parking for bicycles at the Victorian Fair for several years, and it has proved very popular. Now the City of Melrose has invested in our own bike racks so we can provide bicycle parking at public events—starting with the Summer Stroll. I want to encourage Melrosians to take advantage of this and ride their bicycles to the Stroll, and I want to thank the Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee for their leadership.

The equipment was purchased by the City of Melrose this year and partially funded by a MassinMotion grant. “The City and Mass In Motion have made a smart long term investment in making community and neighborhood events super welcoming to people on bikes,”says Gabrielle Watson, Chair of the Ped/Bike Committee. “The bike racks will encourage more people to bike to events with their kids and bring visibility to everyone that bikes are everywhere.”

Photo of bicycles in portable bicycle racks