Community Stage Performers at the Four Corners Music Festival

The fifth annual Four Corners Music Festival takes place on Saturday, August 11 at the Cabbage Patch, from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM, featuring a talented and eclectic lineup of musicians on two different stages. Here’s a look at the Melrose musicians and bands who will be playing on the community stage on Saturday.

Photo of Caleb Barnes

Caleb Barnes
Caleb is a rising 6th grader at MVMMS and has been playing piano since he was 5. He studies under the guidance of Konstantinos Papadakis at the New England Conservatory.

Photo of Sam Chetkin

Sam Chetkin
Sam Chetkin currently goes to MVMMS and has taken guitar for 7 years and vocal lessons for 3 years. He has performed musicals with the Melrose Drama Club and recently performed the title role in the WYRT production of Shrek.

Photo of Molly Corr

Molly Corr
Molly Corr is a junior at Melrose High School and has participated in several Four Corners festivals. She performs with various school and community music groups, including the Melrose Symphony Orchestra. Molly is performing two movements from Vivaldi’s Sonata No. 3, a piece originally written for cello. 

Photo of Jesse DeLaurier

Jesse DeLaurier
Jesse DeLaurier is a young singer-songwriter from Melrose. His influences range from the Beatles to Steve Earle to Jason Isbell, but he likes performing his own songs best. He has been described as an old soul in a 14-year-old body, and his music, both fun and wise, reflects that. 

Photo of Ava Lopresti

Ava Lopresti
Ava Lopresti is a high school student and resident of Melrose. She will be performing on guitar with vocals.

Photo of Victoria Mail

Victoria Mail
With a mix of covers and original songs, Victoria is excited to perform at Four Corners again! Victoria has been playing guitar since she was 12 and started writing her own music shortly after that. She is a rising junior at Northeastern University but has been a Melrose resident all her life.

Photo of Eddie Miller

Eddie Miller
Eddie Miller is a Melrose based singer/songwriter and father of three, hailing originally from Long Island, New York with several twists and turns in between. He’s been playing original rock and folk going on 30 years now; after a long hiatus, he is looking forward to getting ‘out there’ and performing in public once again. 

Naafizah logo

Naafizah (“Window” in formal Arabic) is a Melrose-area community project to present a view into the beautiful cultural traditions of the Middle East and to build social connections between Muslims and non-Muslims. Naafizah, which includes adults and children, offers music workshops regularly and performs occasionally.

Photo of Sammy & Ray

Sammy & Ray

Featuring Raymond Kochanski from the middle school on drums and Sammy McQuaid of the Lincoln School on guitar/vocals, Sammy & Ray will perform a cover of “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry. Raymond recently attended rock band camp at Onset Music in Wakefield, and Sammy performed at the 2018 Melrose Downtown Stroll as well as a featured set at this year’s MAAV fundraiser. This is their second time playing Four Corners together. Raymond Kochanski has returned to play the Four Corners every year.


Photo of Maria Tramontozzi

Maria Tramontozzi
Raised in Melrose, Maria Tramontozzi is continuing her studies at the Manhattan School of Music as an incoming sophomore for musical theatre. She is excited to perform a variety of songs including classical pieces and musical theater songs.

Photo of Samantha Zysk

Samantha Zysk
Samantha Zysk is a high school student who sings and plays the keyboard. Find her music at: