Ambitious Campaign for Clean Energy Relaunched

Melrose Community Power


Melrose’s Community Electricity Aggregation Relaunches as

Melrose Community Power

New name and logo kick off ambitious campaign for clean energy!


Melrose Community Power (MCP) – formerly known as Community Electricity Aggregation (CEA) - is a City-run program which leverages the City’s bulk buying power to competitively procure electricity for Melrose residents and businesses. The program launched in 2016, and the new name forms part of an outreach campaign designed to better inform the community about their electricity options and how participating in the program can help combat climate change.


“This is a great program which has further enhanced the City’s reputation as a leader in sustainability,” Mayor Brodeur said. “For residents, being able to leverage the City’s bargaining power to lock in one ‘set it and forget it’ electricity rate is invaluable. I’m very pleased to re-launch this program with new branding elements so that we will be able to reach more residents and help achieve our long term sustainability goals.”


Over 8,300 households and 500 businesses participate in the MCP program. Most customers use the standard product, Local Green, which has 5% more renewable energy than required by state law. The MCP program also offers two other electricity options. This includes the ability to opt up to 100% extra renewable energy, called Local Green 100.

“Choosing our Local Green 100 electricity supply is a powerful way to support the growth of new renewable energy in New England,” said Martha Grover, Sustainability Manager. “Today we have 55 residents and businesses that have chosen to opt up, and with this campaign we hope to drive that number much higher.”  


It takes just five minutes to enroll in Local Green 100 on the program website: There you can also learn more about where the program gets its renewable energy, pricing, and contract details. Customers can change between the three levels of the program at any time without penalty. Customers who have opted out of the program may also opt back into the program at anytime without penalty.


Additional information about the MCP program may be found online at

About Melrose Community Power

Melrose Community Power (MCP) is a municipal aggregation program operated by the City of Melrose. With Melrose Community Power, National Grid continues to deliver electricity and manage all electricity billing. The only change is the source and cost of electricity supply, chosen by the City of Melrose through a competitive bidding process.


MCP’s standard product includes 5% more local renewable energy, known as Massachusetts Class I, than required by the State. If you choose, MCP also offers a 100% renewable energy product called Local Green 100.