Forestry and Parks

Keep-Melrose Tree DeptThe City of Melrose Forestry Division, as part of the Department of Public Works, is responsible for the care of all trees located on public land including Parks, Conservation Areas and public roadways. Trees planted along public roadways are generally located in the “tree belt,” the grass plot located between the sidewalk and street. The Forestry Division prunes and removes hazardous trees throughout the year. The majority of this work is completed in-house however certain work may require assistance from an outside contractor. Other work such as stump grinding and tree planting is almost always outsourced to an outside contractor. The City’s annual tree planting program is completed in the Spring. The majority of trees planted as part of this program are replacement trees however residents may also request a tree. Trees located on the Lynn Fells Parkway are maintained by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Joan Bell Superintendent of Mount Hood and Public Open Space 781-662-0210
Mike Sasso Open Space Foreman 781-665-0142
Carmen Sorrentino Forestry Foreman 781-665-0142
vacant position Operations Manager