Public Records

Information about Public Records Requests

Records Held by the City Clerks Office

  • Vital Records: Births and Deaths
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Business Certificates
  • Dog Licenses
  • Gasoline and Fuel Storage Licenses
  • Hackney Carriage (Taxicab) and Limousine Service Licenses
  • Claim Form for Reimbursement

Records Held by the Elections Office

  • Voter Registration
  • City, State and Federal Elections
  • City Census

Fee Schedule for Various Records and Licenses

Certified Copy of Vital Record
(Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates)
In person
Online orders fulfilled by mail
Paternity Acknowledgment$50.00Plus $18.00 for certified copy
Correcting Error in Vital Record$50.00Plus $18.00 for certified copy
Common Victualler$75.00 
DBA Business Certificate
Dog Licenses:
Late fee assessed after March 15
Filing of Marriage Intentions$35.00 
Gasoline and Fuel Storage Varies – see application
Hackney$100.00Per vehicle
Junk Dealer & Second Hand Dealer$125.00 
Junk Collector$125.00 
Livery Service License$100.00
Per vehicle
Per vehicle annual renewal
Motor Vehicle Class I and II$100.00