Notary Services

The City has notaries public who are available to notarize certain documents by appointment on Tuesday and Thursday. Please call 781-979-4115 to schedule an appointment.

The City Clerk's office is not bonded to provide notarization of legal documents such as wills or testaments, foreign language documents, CORI forms, travel consent forms and certain types of employment related documents such as an I-9 form.  Individuals seeking notarization of these types of documents should consult a paralegal or attorney who is also a notary.  Additionally our notaries may not attest to a Principal's (a/k/a signer's) state of mind.  For example, a document with notarial language such as, "I believe the principle to be of sound mind..." will not be notarized. 

Please be aware that some documents require witnesses as well as a notary.  If your document requires witnesses you must bring the required number of witnesses with you when you appear at our office.