Melrose Historical Commission

Jim Bennett

(781) 454-9959

The Melrose Historical Commission was established in 1974 under the authority of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40 §8D, which empowers municipalities to establish local historical commissions. In accordance with this legislation, the commission’s primary mission is to ensure “the preservation, protection and development of the historical [and] archeological assets” of Melrose.

Meetings and Other Activities

The Historical Commission meets on a bimonthly basis. Meetings generally take place in the Library’s Local History & Genealogy Room on the first or second Monday of every second month. In accordance with Massachusetts open meeting laws, notice of our meetings is posted at City Hall and on the City’s website. We warmly invite interested members of the public to attend.

The Commission also sponsors an annual Research Your Home Night at the library, at which we tutor homeowners on how to investigate the history of their homes. Each September we host a booth at the Victorian Fair. At the moment we are working with the Melrose Historical Society and the Victorian Melrose Society to establish a comprehensive website on the history of Melrose.

For almost 40 years the Commission has researched and catalogued the historical structures and landscapes of Melrose. You may search our inventory at the Massachusetts Historical Commission’s website.


The Historical Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Aldermen, and additional Associate Members who can take on all of the roles of regular members aside from the ability to vote on official business. Members generally serve for terms of two or three years. All members serve on a volunteer basis and receive no compensation for their work. Any resident of Melrose who would like to serve on the Commission is encouraged to contact us.

James Bennett, Chairman
Edward Bradford, Vice-Chairman
Christopher Brown
Paul Cunningham
C. Joseph Hunt, Secretary
George Proakis
José A. Rotger


Residents may contact us at We invite you to bring any information or concerns pertaining to the preservation, protection, and promotion of the historical fabric of Melrose to our attention.