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Mayor of Melrose

Please take the opportunity to use this website as a guide to our city. You will find many interesting pages and links.  Thank you for browsing our site and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact my office or any of the other city departments.

Mayor Robert J. Dolan

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2014 State of the City Address

Office of the Treasurer
Uncashed Checks to be Deemed Abandoned
4th Quarter Taxes Due May 1, 2014
Public Works Department
January - May 2014 Curbside Collection Calendar
Cemetery Commission

No shrubs and trees are to be planted in the Wyoming Cemetery except by the Cemetery Staff under the supervision of the Commissioners and Cemetery Superintendent. Non-woody plants such as perennials, bulbs, summer flowers, or mums may be planted provided that such planting conforms to the following requirements:

  • Plants may extend their foliage for a distance of no more than 15” in front of grave
  • Plants may attain a height that is less than ½ the height of the monument for a particular grave (not the surrounding graves)
  • Plants may not extend beyond the side of the monument
  • Plants may be planted only in the front of the monument, that is, on the casket side
  • All persons installing plants do so at their own expense
  • Fencing materials, i.e. stone and pavers, are not allowed for use within the Cemetery as borders for graves
  • The Cemetery is not responsible for loss of plants or the replacement costs for plants that are damaged while the Cemetery staff performs  ongoing maintenance operations within the Cemetery
  • The Cemetery reserves the right to remove plants or plantings that it deems to be disruptive to normal cemetery operations

During normal trimming and mowing operations, damage may occur to plantings. Although all efforts will be made by the staff to use care when working around the plantings, the Cemetery is not responsible for any damage from our operations.











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