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Public Works

John V. Scenna 
Director, Public Works

To maintain the City’s infrastructure, provide safe and efficient movement of vehicles and pedestrians; provide for dependable solid waste pickup and promote recycling, provide safe water distribution  and sewer collection; and to expand and improve the city’s infrastructure systems to meet the future needs of the citizenry. 

Projects & Notices Collection Information Requests & Reports
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Spring Street Sweeping Solid Waste Report a Pot Hole
Stormwater Management  Yard Waste Collection Report a Streetlight Outage 
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The Department of Public Works is one of the most diverse branches of city government consisting of 38 funded positions and a budget of $11 million. The department provides essential services to the 27,000 citizens of Melrose with the responsibility of maintaining over 95 miles of streets, approximately 120 miles of sidewalks, 80 miles of water, 78 miles of sewer, 1398 catch basins, collection of over 9,500 tons of household rubbish, curbside and drop-off collection of over 2,000 tons of recyclables, over 4,500 tons of yard waste by curbside pickup and drop off, and maintenance of 96 vehicles and numerous pieces of equipment.  The Department is also responsible for response to snow, ice and other emergency services; responsible for the care of all City trees, for the maintenance of all parks and fields, for the maintenance and general operations of the cemetery, for enforcing of water, sewer and street ordinances; and engineering design and construction management for capital improvement and maintenance projects.

To accomplish these functions, the Department is organized into eleven divisions:
Administration, Engineering, Facilities, Sanitation, Highway, Fleet, Trees, Water, Sewer, Cemetery and Parks.

Administration and Operations - Tremont Street Operations Center 

72 Tremont Street
Telephone: 781-665-0142
Facsimile: 781-665-9801

Operating Hours  :
Mon-Friday 7:30am-2:45pm 
Saturday 8:00am-3:00pm(Seasonal) 

Peter Pietrantonio, Operations Manager
Ann Waitt, Business Manager

Engineering Division

562 Main Street
Telephone: 781-979-4172
Facsimile: 781-662-6873
Email: publicworks@cityofmelrose.org

Andrew B. Street, P.E., City Engineer

Public Works Department Administration and Engineering Divisions are responsible for the overall management of Public Works; staff training; purchasing, procurement and contract administration; street lighting; utility company oversight; traffic signal oversight; Traffic Commission; operations and capital project budgeting; development and oversight of master plans; engineering design, specifications and plan preparation; provides engineering review of development proposals, subdivisions and other construction projects and provides support to Planning Board and Zoning Board; responsible for construction administration, management and inspection for city projects; right-of-way maintenance, GIS systems; and permitting; provides management and maintenance for City Hall.

Cemetery Division 
Wyoming Cemetery
205 Sylvan Street
Telephone: 781-665-0405
Facsimile: 781-665-6380

Mike Hughes, Administrator
Jack Rossi, Division Foreman

Forestry Division
Park Department

100 Slayton Road
Telephone: 781-662-0210
Facsimile: 781-662-4477

Joan Bell, Superintendent of Mount Hood and Public Open Space

Telephone: 781-665-0142
Facsimile: 781-665-9801

John Doherty, Working Foreman

Tree planting programs; tree maintenance programs; tree trims and takedowns; stump grinding; tree removals; Tree Warden and Arborist services; Public/private tree planting program; and Arbor Day and Tree City USA events. Please click here for more information.

Highway Division
Derek Lanphere, Working Foreman 

Highway Division is responsible for street sweeping, pothole reparis, curb, sidewalk and roadway repairs, catch basin cleaning, NPDES oversight; street lighting; traffic signals; traffic signs; roadway detours for construction work and other functions; street line and crosswalk line painting; Election Limit painting; Train Station maintenance and maintenance of all municipal parking lots; specail City events such as the Victorian Fair, Home for the Holidays and Veterans Day celebrations; City wide American Flags; winter sanding and snow removal. 

Highway Division goals include continuation of the city-wide street sweeping program, traffic line and crosswalk painting program, expanded sidewalk repair program and continuation of the Chapter 90 road program. Also included are the $2.7 million Ell Pond Drainage Upgrade project and the $1.4 million Converse Lane program. We will also be implementing the Mayor’s $6,000,000 drainage upgrade program to address the Ward 2 flooding issue as well as flooding issues in other areas. 

Sanitation Division
Nicholas Heller, Working Foreman 

Sanitation Division is responsible for the daily pickup of Solid Waste; oversight of the curbside recycling program; spring, summer and fall curbside Yard Waste pickup; downtown barrel and clean-up programs; City Yard drop off programs including TVs, computers, tires, mercury items, textiles, yard waste, propane tanks, glass bottles and jars, No. 1-7 plastic bottles and jars, tin, steel, aluminum, food and beverage cans, cardboard, and paper; management of the City’s compost site; curbside white goods pickup; Christmas tree collection, disposal and wood chip program; and implementation of Hazardous Waste Day and other special drop off events.

Vehicle Maintenance and Fleet Division
Robert DiVola, Mechanic
Kris Vozzella, Mechanic 

The Fleet Division is responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of all 68 Public Works vehicles and equipment, fire cars and pickups and all Cemetery and Park Division vehicles and equipment; maintain fleet inventory; provide periodic maintenance; perform minor repairs and major repairs and overhauls as required; maintains the entire winter fleet operation; small equipment repairs such as chain saws, lawn equipment, snow blowers, compressors; recommends scheduled replacements and vehicle/equipment replacement. This division is also responsible for over seeing and maintaining all operations buildings and grounds of the department.Fleet Division goals for FY 2008 include finalizing negotiations with the Police to take over their vehicle maintenance and repair; and, continuing to implement our computer vehicle analysis programs.

Water and Sewer Division
Matthew Hickey, Division Foreman
Kevin Richardson, Working Foreman, Water
Butch Bright, Working Foreman, Sewer 

Operates and maintains two water pump station, four sewer pump stations, maintains 80 miles of water, 78 miles of sewer, 850 hydrants, and 1,340 water gates; maintain and read 8,500 water meters quarterly; prepare quarterly billing for about 700,000,000 gallons of water; prepare quarterly billing for sewer fee and trash fee; implements DEP lead testing and reporting; manages Senior Citizen water and trash Discount Programs; engineering, design and construction oversight of all water and sewer captial programs; continuation of our water improvement aimed at water system upgrades, replacement of substandard water services, fire hydrants and gate valves.

The Cross Connection Control Law helps insure that your public water supply is safe from contamination from pollutants. Among other requirements, this law recommends the use of a backflow preventer on your exterior garden hose to prevent the introduction of contaminants into your drinking water. Read more about this important protection for your drinking water safety here.


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