Water & Sewer

Operates and maintains two water pump station, four sewer pump stations, maintains 80 miles of water, 78 miles of sewer, 850 hydrants, and 1,340 water gates; maintain and read 8,500 water meters quarterly; prepare quarterly billing for about 700,000,000 gallons of water; prepare quarterly billing for sewer fee and trash fee; implements DEP lead testing and reporting; manages Senior Citizen water and trash Discount Programs; engineering, design and construction oversight of all water and sewer capital programs; continuation of our water improvement aimed at water system upgrades, replacement of substandard water services, fire hydrants and gate valves.

2018 Water and Sewer Rates*

(Tiered rates per 100 cubic feet, effective Fiscal Year 2018 and reflected on bills dated 10/1/17. Sewer consumption shall be assessed based on 90% of metered water consumption. Note that this does not apply to homes with second water meters, which will continue to have their sewer usage assessed at 100% of their indoor water usage.)

Quarterly Water Rates

Quarterly Sewer Rates

Quarterly Consumption:   Quarterly Consumption:  
1-2,000 cu. ft.  $6.34 1-2,000 cu. ft. $11.62
over 2,000 cu. ft  $8.62 over 2,000 cu. ft $14.64
Quarterly Meter Base Fee:   Quarterly Meter Base Fee:  
Up to 1 inch  $16.60 Up to 1 inch $14.25
Up to 1-1/2 inch  $64.72 Up to 1-1/2 inch $55.93
2 inches  $100.81 2 inches $87.19
3 inches  $185.02 3 inches $160.13
4 inches $305.32 4 inches $264.33
6 inches $606.07 6 inches $524.83
Manual Read Fee (if Primary Not Replaced) $50.00
2nd Meter Fee- Meter Replaced $16.60
2nd Meter Fee- Meter NOT Replaced $50.00
Melrose has started to phase in its optional monthly billing program beginning with Zone B (See Map). All parts of the city are expected to have the option of monthly billing by April, 2018. If you have received a mailing regarding monthly billing, more information is available here.  Please see the rates below for cost information:

Monthly Water Rates

 Monthly Sewer Rates

Monthly Consumption:   Monthly Consumption:  
1-667 cu. ft.  $6.34 1-667 cu. ft. $11.62
over 668 cu. ft  $8.62 over 668 cu. ft $14.64
Monthly Meter Base Fee:   Monthly Meter Base Fee:  
Up to 1 inch $5.54 Up to 1 inch $4.75
Up to 1-1/2 inch  $21.58 Up to 1-1/2 inch $18.65
2 inches $33.61 2 inches $29.07
3 inches $61.68 3 inches $53.38
4 inches $101.78 4 inches $88.11
6 inches $202.03 6 inches $174.95
Water, Sewer and Trash Discount Abatement Forms
 FY18 Quarterly Waste Charge Per Unit  $50.00
  FY18 Monthly Waste Charge Per Unit  $16.67


How do I pay my water bill?

You can pay with cash, money order, or with a check made out to the City of Melrose, or through the city’s online bill pay system.

Does everyone in the City of Melrose get his or her water bills at the same time?

No. The City is broken up into sections. Usually, two sections of the City are billed at the same time. You can find out the amount you owe or find out whether your payment has been received by calling the Collector’s Office at 781-979-4120

When is my water bill due?

The bill is due 30 days from the “Bill Date”. It must be received on or before that date or a $5.00 late fee will be added and interest will accrue.

Can I make monthly payments on my water bill?

You can make as many payments of any amount to your bill. However, if there is a balance still due on the due date of that bill then interest will accrue on any unpaid balance.

Can I pay my water bill ahead if I am going on vacation?

Yes, but if there is not a bill in the system we cannot guarantee the amount that will be due. You may choose to pay the amount of your last bill, however if the new bill is more than the prior bill demand and interest will be charged for the unpaid amount. You may choose to make a larger payment and the difference will be credited to your account.

What happens if I do not pay my water bill?

Any bill due June 30th and unpaid by November 15th will go to lien on the real estate property tax on the next tax bill (3rd quarter). Any questions on consumption or questions about correcting or changing a name or address on your bill should be directed to the Water Division at 781-979-4175.

How do I get utility/street information and records?

The Engineering Division maintains and holds plans and records for all components of the municipal water, sewer and drain systems including house services. Additionally, the division maintains plans and record information pertaining to street layout, utility easements and rights of way, public takings, and boundary information all pertinent to survey and/or property line research. Zoning and Flood Maps are located in the Inspectional Services Office. Copies of all plans can be made available.

What is Cross Connection Control?

The Cross Connection Control Law helps ensure that your public water supply is safe from contamination from pollutants. Among other requirements, this law recommends the use of a backflow preventer on your exterior garden hose to prevent the introduction of contaminants into your drinking water. Additional Information About Cross Connection Control