Information Technology

Neal Ellis

(781) 979-4141

Regionalized Information Technology

The City of Melrose is looking to partner with up to three (3) municipalities during the next fiscal year in an effort to regionalize information technology services and data center operations. There are many benefits of a regional data center from both a financial and efficiency standpoint. There are also no geographical boundaries in creating this regional collaborative.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Shared datacenter capital costs – reduces the burden on each city/town to build, maintain and sustain high quality data services
  • Enterprise-grade data center – collective funding of a data center extends the buying power which in turn allows the regional group to purchase a higher quality, more robust datacenter
  • Shared disaster recovery/business continuity costs – reduces the burden on each city/town to fund necessary but costly disaster recovery/business continuity initiatives
  • Shared regulatory compliance costs – reduces the burden on each city/town to fund necessary initiatives to comply with various regulatory costs i.e. email archiving
  • Predictable datacenter costs – collective purchasing and financing provides predictable costs over the term of the agreement
  • Power and cooling savings – single regional data center reduces the cost of powering and cooling individual datacenters resulting in energy savings for each participating city/town
  • Shared labor costs – allows participating city/towns to share staffing costs
  • Interested cities and towns should contact Mike Lindstrom in the Mayor’s Office at (781) 979-4440 for additional information.