“The importance of quality customer service in local government can’t be overstated, because any given citizen only periodically comes into contact with government employees, those few experiences greatly influence that citizen’s perception of the quality of all local government services.”

Welcome! We’re delighted to introduce you to our employees who participate in making Melrose a great community in which to live and work. Below are two ways you may recognize their efforts; first is Bravo! featuring employees or departments you have recommended. Simply click on Nominate in order to share your story; second is Real Time Compliments allowing you to say a simple thank you for a positive experience with our staff – big or small – that put a smile on your face!

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Your Employee and Department Stories


Thank you Officer Rich Connors!

On Friday May 15, 2017 at approximately 9:10 am there was a motor vehicle accident involving a landscaping truck and a 90 year old Melrose resident (pedestrian). The pedestrian was attempting to cross Berwick Street when he was struck by the landscaping truck. Officer Rich Connors, who was off duty driving with a family, observed the accident. Officer Connors stopped to assist. As he did so, the landscaping truck started to drive away from the scene. Officer Connors immediately called the police station and proceeded to follow the landscaping truck as it drove off. Officer Connors kept the landscaping truck in sight, updating Melrose Police dispatch until responding police officers arrived. The operator of the landscaping truck was placed under arrest. The injured pedestrian was transported by ambulance to the hospital. Without Officer Connors observations and quick actions the operator would have not been identified or apprehended.


IT to the Rescue!

The Melrose Council on Aging and Milano Center would like to send a shout out to the IT Department for coming to our rescue in time for Tax Season.  Every Monday morning from February – April Tax Season, AARP is on site with volunteer tax aides to prepare tax returns for qualified seniors.  Without warning every computer in our computer lab went down due to a problem with the Milano Center’s local server.  IT responded immediately and although it was a complicated problem and a time consuming solution, we were up and running in time to assist 150+ seniors with their taxes.

Thank you for your quick response and expertise! BRAVO, IT!


And the MVP goes to…

This past spring Coral Hope, City of Melrose Animal Control Officer and Health Inspector stepped up to the plate during a critical time for the department and exceeded expectations. She took on additional responsibilities in the Health Department, and transitioned seamlessly into her new role while continuing to do a great job and provide the best customer service to our residents.

Coral successfully handled hundreds of phone inquiries during the appearance of rodents on some properties She inspected dozens of properties and advised distressed property owners on courses of action. She willingly stepped in her supervisor’s role in the Health Director’s absence. Coral was educational and informative when she appeared on local television to answer reporters’ questions about rodent prevention and control. All this while she stayed committed in addressing dog complaints, dog bites, lost and found animals, bats in homes, etc.

One of Coral’s shining qualities is her endless patience especially when addressing unpleasant situations. She listens, empathizes, and smiles brightly, while figuring out how to best assist the inquiry or complaint. Residents always end the call very satisfied with their interactions with Coral. They often call just to thank her for all her help and patience, when answering their numerous phone calls.

Coral is always ready to jump in and help her colleagues with their assigned work. Coral Hope is a pleasure to work with. The City of Melrose is lucky to have such a dedicated employee! BRAVO, Coral!


Can-Do Spirit and Friendly Attitude at Our Parks Department

The hard work of certain City employees is often done behind the scenes, and we all get to enjoy the beautiful results later. A true testament of that are Joan Bell and Cindy Brickley, who run our Parks Department. Melrose resident A. Dean writes:”As an occasional volunteer, I have had the good fortune of working with Joan and Cindy over several years. The variety of responsibilities they juggle is extensive, ranging from city wide to tiny details. There is so much scheduling and coordination with other city departments, vendors, coaches…the list goes on and on. Somehow their upbeat, can do attitude gets it done.Besides the usual day to day operations, there are surprises from Mother Nature, shifting sport calendars, and changing seasons, so they must be nimble! They maintain what exists in their sphere of influence, and plan always to improve. I have learned a lot working alongside Joan and Cindy.As a taxpayer, I appreciate that much of the green beauty visible around us, and the quality of life we enjoy, is due to the invisible hand of these two working behind the scenes.”

BRAVO, Joan and Cindy! Thank you for everything you do to help us enjoy Melrose’s beautiful green space!


Chivalry is Alive in Public Works Employees…

ThDPWese DPW employees while waiting to start working in front of Shaw’s  Supermarket help a senior resident load heavy waters into he car- so wonderful to see!!!

BRAVO, DPW and Thank You!





DPW Employees recognized for their professionalism and customer service

Public Works employees demonstrate community spirit and caring attitude as they quickly respond to a fire emergency.

Melrose resident G. Lewis writes: Two great guys from DPW (sorry I didn’t get your names) were working near Laurel Street. They noticed a shrub on fire outside my house! While one of the men pounded on my door, the other stamped out the fire but the shrub continued to smoulder. After I called the Melrose Fire Department, I thanked them and told them they could leave while I awaited the Fire Dept. Both of them said “Absolutely not!” they would stay with me until the fire department arrived! Thanks so much for being so alert and willing to wait with me. I feel you went over and above the call of duty and I really appreciate it! Melrose is lucky to have such dedicated and caring employees. As always a big shout out to our wonderful Fire department. My dog and I thank you!”

Last week Melrose resident R. Grewal commented:

“We would like to thank Peter Pietrantonio and his DPW department staff for fixing the noisy broken manhole on Franklin Street. We appreciate your help very much!”

BRAVO, DPW Employees!


The Council on Aging is so fortunate to have such a fabulous group of drivers on staff.They are committed to providing the best service to our 400+ clients, demonstrated within the 7,281 rides provided in Fiscal Year 2015.

Always kind, friendly, professional and helpful – our transportation program would not be the success it is without them.We would like to acknowledge Mike Dargan, Mark Hatfield, Jim Mulcahy, Hank Murphy, Bob Rawnsley, Don Studley and Allyson Whittier. BRAVO to all!

Thank you for being part of our team.With deep appreciation from your colleagues at the COA Office .


Susan Krasco, City Clerk’s Office shares that we have all struggled with influx of junk mail on our City Computers. It is not only an interruption to our work flow; junk mail takes  needed space in our mailboxes and could contain harmful spam e-mails. The IT Department has listened to our concerns and worked non-stop to correct this problem and finally… the amount of junk mail has been reduced little to none! Susan wants to say BRAVO to the IT Department for the tireless efforts they always put forward whenever an employee needs their help. Kudos to Jorge, Colby and Brian for a job well done! Thank you for always listening…

Furthermore, the City would like to extend our appreciation for the huge undertaking the IT Department started this calendar year of updating everyone’s computers, so that we can do our jobs faster and more efficiently. IT is on schedule to install over 800 new computers with all the necessary programs and access points at the School and City Hall, while  continuing to respond to urgent requests for help and working on ongoing projects. Even such an overwhelming task doesn’t affect their professionalism and sense of humor!

Jorge, Colby and Bryan, thank you, for all your efforts! BRAVO!



P CaseySafety first at the Council on Aging. Thank you, Patrick!

The Council on Aging (COA) wants to thank Patrick Casey, DPW Facilities helper, for the great job he did at the Milano Center and the Beebe Estate during the last snow storm.

Patrick was out there bright and early shoveling, sanding and salting and making the sidewalks safe for the Seniors and COA Staff all the way from the street to the front door of the Milano Center and the Beebe Estate. His responsiveness, attention to detail and caring attitude kept us all safe when walking outside.

The COA Staff are not the only ones who sing Patrick praises…

Patrick enjoys working for Public Works and goes a step beyond to do a great job!
Just ask anyone! ”                                              (Janice Carr, School Dept.)

Patrick is so good! He did a million tobacco compliance checks with me. He was the best youth buyer ever! I really enjoyed working with him. Most reliable. Most engaged.
Glad to see him recognized.”                               (Maureen Buzby, Health Dept.)

Thank you, Patrick and BRAVO on a job well done!


Thank you Mr. Metell for your quick response! Bravo, Dave!

Arlene Zafiropoulo, Chairperson, Board of Trustees writes: The Board of Directors and residents of Station Crossing Condominium wish to sincerely thank Dave Metell, Wire Inspector for your immediate response to our emergency the other night just before Christmas. Having several electrical panels flooded was such a serious situation, and just after the Fire Department contacted you very late at night, you responded and quickly took charge.

You were so helpful to us in getting an emergency electrician in (not easy at that time of night and with the holiday almost upon us) enabled us to not lose power to several units, and perhaps more. Everything was partially restored that night, and the rest of the work completed the next day.

Again, thank you Mr. Metell for your quick response and for being so nice to all of us here at Station Crossing. You quickly turned around a serious situation.


Always a Friendly Face in the Collector’s Office! BRAVO, Marilyn!

Recently a resident was so delighted by the level of customer service he has been receiving in the Collector’s office that he felt compelled to share his experience…

Marilyn  (Rivenburg) always comes quickly to the counter with a smile and pleasant greeting. She recently helped me with obtaining a merchant parking pass for my wife. She answers questions that you have not even thought of or forgot to write down. If you need more information , she will investigate for you.”

Marilyn, you are a true professional. Your   knowledgeable and kind demeanor makes a positive difference for the people you serve and work with! BRAVO!


Melrose Senior Center Open House Great Success! BRAVO, Dawn!

DawnThe Open House on November 5th was a “Big Hit” due to everyone pitching in to assist, which began with the Leadership of Dawn Folopoulos, Executor Director of the Melrose Council of Aging. Several telephone calls were received the following day saying not only that they had a great time, but they could also see the work and details that were displayed, and that they were looking forward to the next Open House.

What made the event a success was the leadership of Dawn, who gave direction and included everyone to participate, the entire COA and Milano Staff, City Officials, COA Board Members, Melrose Friends of the Aging Trustees, Volunteers, Sponsors, Custodians.

When you work for a TEAM Leader like Dawn, you can accomplish anything! BRAVO, Dawn!


Image result for Veterans Day ImagesAs we approach Veteran’s Day, please join the City of Melrose in genuinely acknowledging and offering our gratitude to our employees who have performed Military Service. Our Veterans delay personal plans, sacrifice time with family and serve our country in a very distinct and honorable way.

Veteran’s Services Office:
Ryan McLane
Alicia Reddin
Police Department:
Richard Connors                 Kevin Mulrenan
Levi DiFranza                     Mark DeCroteau
William Higgins                 Nicholas MacIntosh
Brian Ladner                      Brian Trainor
Joseph Collins                    Stephen Galvin
Daniel Elhers                     Daniel Goodhue
William O’Donnell            Ron Alley
Robert Mann                     Joseph Stamegna
Timothy Maher                 Michael Plumer
Leonard Ford                    John Goodhue
Gregory Forestell              David Mackey
Kevin Stanton
Fire Department:
James Winslow                 Chris Dillon
James Hennessy               Stephen Judge
Robert Driscoll
Chris Cook                        Ken MacIntosh
Scott Alley                        William Stare
Chris Walsh                      Aaron Paskalis
Matthew Brammer           Brian Moran
Alan Johnson                    Robert McVoy
Department of Public Works
Matthew Hickey
Nicholas Vrooman
Mark Sheridan
Jack Rizzari
IT Department
Jorge Pazos
Memorial Hall
Richard Donovan

BRAVO, Betty Ricci, Council on Aging!


Did you ever have a staff member you wish you could clone?

The COA does. For that matter, we have several, but at this particular time I would like to acknowledge and thank Betty Ricci, our Office Assistant, for all she does for us here at the Melrose Council on Aging and Milano Senior Center.

Betty’s primary function at the COA is working on the transportation program, assisting seniors with rides. She is pleasant, helpful and patient with all our clients. They love talking to her and they tell us that all the time.

Betty is always willing to take on projects in addition to her daily task and always does it with a smile. There is nothing too small or too big to ask her to do. She simply wants to help. She not only works for us, but she also volunteers a lot of time helping with events at the Milano Center, helping in the kitchen, at the Victorian Fair and so much more.

So thank you, Betty, not just for what you do but for how you do it. We all love working with you and are so happy that you are part of our team! BRAVO, Betty!

On Friday, April 10, 2015 we had the Memorial Series II boxing match that was a Pay Per View (live stream) to Ireland. Colby Cousens, IT came over during the daytime setup and worked with the video staff to make the necessary connections to the Memorial Hall wifi so they could live stream the boxing match to Ireland. About 30 minutes before the event the connection went dead just as  “Danny Bhoy O’Connor” arrived (a favorite in Ireland). I called Colby at 10:30 pm and he picked up the phone immediately. He spoke with our techs on site and worked from home to fix the issue. He got it working within 15 minutes and the connection was restored in time for the beginning of the match.

The match lasted only 1 minute and 40 seconds (1st round) so it was extremely important that it was up and running at the beginning of the match! BRAVO, COLBY!!

Mrs. Diane Wall is the Assistant Director of the Melrose Public Library and consistently goes above and beyond! She is friendly, dedicated and always has a smile on her face. She has impeccable customer service skills with the patrons at the library and is also a delight to work with. Thank you for all your hard work and your contagious happy-go-lucky attitude Mrs. Wall; Bravo!

Real Time Compliments

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  1. We’d like to thank the DPW for all the work they did for us today at the Public Library. Our custodian Dan was here bright and early, making sure all our “regular” cleaning was done so he could move on to helping with a major re-organization. Jim Politano was also here early, and he and his team did a fantastic job. They disassembled our reference desk, moved it into another room and reassembled it – it hadn’t been moved since 1992! They also moved every piece of furniture in our Reference Room (and a few other rooms) with us, and made sure it all got safely to new destinations, with lots of adjusting. It was the biggest change we’ve made in years, and we could not have done it without them. Because of DPW we were able to open by 1:00pm as planned – Thank you!!

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