Animal Control

Coral Hope

Animal Control Officer
Melrose Health Department
(781) 979-4102

The Animal Control Officer’s duties are:

  • Enforce the City Of Melrose Ordinances, pertaining to domestic animals, in particular dogs and are specific in addressing the responsibilities of dog owners and resulting fines should these ordinances be ignored.
  • Respond to issues dealing with nuisance, hurt, lost, and loose dogs, as well as dog bites.
  • Inspector of Animals primarily rabies control. For more information on animal inspector duties and rabies control

Contacting Animal Control

  • The Animal Control Office is located in the lower level of City Hall, 562 Main St.. When calling Animal Control, please leave a message with your contact information (781)-979-4102.
  • The office is generally staffed M-Th 9:00-3:00, F 9:00-12:30. However, the officer may be away from the phone or responding to another call. If your issue is urgent and during business hours, please also call the Health Department at 781-979-4130.
  • Outside of normal business hours, for urgent issues, please call the Melrose Police Department, non-emergency line 781-665-1212 x8 to speak to the desk officer, who can contact Animal Control if necessary.
  • If you need to leave a message, but sure to include: name, phone number, street address and reason for the call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a license for my dog?

Dog licenses help us return your pet to you quickly and ensure that all dogs are vaccinated against rabies.

Why should I microchip my dog/cat?

A micro chipped pet has a higher chance of being returned within one day compared to a pet without a microchip.

Who do I call regarding raccoons, skunks, squirrels, bats and other wildlife on my property?

Although the Animal Control Officer is sensitive to all issues regarding animals either domestic or wild, it is not within the scope of his/her legal authority to respond to or resolve issues dealing with wildlife on private property. There are agencies to call when faced with wildlife problems. Please refer to the links below to find the agency that can best handle the problem. In the case of an emergency, please contact this office and the Animal Control Officer will make every effort to assist as best she can until the proper authority is contacted. MA Wildlife – Licensed animal control agents and key resources MSPCA Living with Wildlife

There is a dead animal on the street… Who do I call to pick it up?

  • For wild animals on City streets or property, contact the Public Works Department (781)-665-0142.
  • For domestic animals on City streets or property, contact Melrose Animal Control.
  • A dead animal on private property should be disposed of by the property owner. Using gloves, double bag the animal and either place it in your trash or bring it to the City Yard.

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