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Notice of Meeting - Boards and Commissions

Please Note: The Open Meeting Law requires meeting notices to list the topics that, as of the time the notice is filed, the chair reasonably anticipates will be discussed at the meeting. These notices are also posted for viewing on the first floor of City Hall.

Agenda and meeting packets may be viewed at the IQM2 Meeting Portal for the following meeting groups: Board of Aldermen, School Committee, Park Commission, Planning Board and Traffic Commission.
Beebe Estate Board of Trustees Melrose Energy Commission

Board of Aldermen - Committees

Melrose Messina Fund for the Arts
Board of Aldermen - Full Board
22 April 2014
5 May 2014 - Public Hearing - Howard St
5 May 2014 - Public Hearing - N Woodcrest & Sheffield
Melrose Public Library Board of Trustees
Board of Appeals Melrose Redevelopment Authority
Board of Assessors Mystic Valley Coalition
Board of Health Mystic Valley Regional Charter School
Board of Registrars of Voters
22 April 2014

NE Metropolitan Regional Vocational School

Boston Regional Metro Planning Organization Office of Planning and Community Development
Cable TV Commission Park Commission
Cemetery Committee
25 April 2014
Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee
Charter Committee Planning Board
Conservation Commission
17 April 2014
Recycling Committee
Council on Aging
17 April 2014
Retirement Board
22 April 2014
Emergency Management Advisory Board School Building Committee
Essex Agricultural & Technical H.S. School Committee
29 April 2014
Historical Commission

8 May 2014 - MVMMS Site Council
8 May 2014 - MVMMS Site Council Special Presentation

Historic District Commission Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building
Board of Trustees
Housing Authority Traffic Commission
Human Rights Commission Tri-Cap Board
Liquor License Commission
Veterans Services Advisory Board
Mayor's Early Childhood Advisory Committee Water & Sewer Committee
Melrose Cultural Council  

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