Board of Aldermen

Amy Kamosa

Clerk of Committees
(781) 979-4100


Donald L. Conn, Jr., President
30 Sunset Road
(781) 662-3464
Monica C. Medeiros
3 Bay State Road
(781) 665-5343
Mary Beth McAteer-Margolis
22 Stowecroft Road
(781) 665-4087
Michael P. Zwirko
100 Derby Road
(781) 662-1966

Ward Aldermen

Ward 1 Ward 5
John N. Tramontozzi
794 Franklin Street
(781) 662-6175
Gail M. Infurna
198 Boston Rock Road
(781) 665-5945
Ward 2 Ward 6
Jennifer L. Lemmerman
21 Bay State Road
(781) 462-1627
Peter D. Mortimer
47 Mount Hood Terrace
(781) 665-0286
Ward 3 Ward 7
Francis X. Wright, Jr.
191 Florence Street
(781) 662-9396
Scott M. Forbes
41 Mystic Avenue
(978) 873-0916
Ward 4
Robert A. Boisselle
585 Main Street #101
(781) 665-7240
Please view Voter Ward/Precinct and Polling Information on the Elections Department page.


Meeting Schedule*

Meetings take place in the Aldermanic Chamber, located on the first floor of City Hall.
*Schedule is subject to change due to holidays and elections.
Please contact the Clerk of Committees (781-979-4100) for actual dates and times.

Full Board Meeting

1st and 3rd Mondays of the Month
(3rd Monday only in July, August & September)
beginning at 7:45 p.m.

Protection and License
Health, Education, and Welfare
Public Works

Thursday following the Full Board Meeting
beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Public Service
Legal and Legislative Matters

2nd and 4th Mondays of the Month
beginning at 7:30 p.m.


Budget Hearings

Meets on the Call of the Chairman

Department Budget Hearing dates will be determined upon receipt of the annual budget

2017 Standing Committees


Peter D. Mortimer, Chairman
Gail M. Infurna, Vice Chairman
Aldermen: Tramontozzi, Medeiros, Boisselle, Wright,
McAteer-Margolis, Lemmerman, Forbes, Zwirko, Conn

Thursday Night Committees

Protection & License

Mary Beth McAteer-Margolis, Chairman
Monica C. Medeiros, Vice Chairman
Aldermen: Infurna, Boisselle, Lemmerman

Health, Education & Welfare

Jennifer L. Lemmerman, Chairman
Robert A. Boisselle, Vice Chairman
Aldermen: Medeiros, Infurna, McAteer-Margolis

Public Works

Gail M. Infurna, Chairman
Monica C. Medeiros, Vice Chairman
Aldermen: McAteer-Margolis, Lemmerman, Boisselle

Monday Night Committees

Public Service

Michael P. Zwirko, Chairman
Francis X. Wright, Jr., Vice Chairman
Aldermen: Tramontozzi, Forbes, Mortimer


Scott M. Forbes, Chairman
John N. Tramontozzi, Vice Chairman
Aldermen: Zwirko, Wright, Mortimer

Legal & Legislative Matters

John N. Tramontozzi., Chairman
Francis X. Wright, Jr., Vice Chairman
Aldermen: Mortimer, Forbes, Zwirko